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16 May 2017 22:00 | Anonymous

Establishing Your Position

I.  Recognize It   (Brings Honor)  Recognizing who we are and whose we are is a very important step in being able to lead God's people with confidence. Taking care of ourselves and making sure most of all,  that our relationship with Christ is solid and our faith is anchored in him.  

II. Embrace It   (Empowers Us)   There are many positions in the world but none like the Pastor's Wife.  Most were not seeking it and nobody ever thought to ask if you wanted this position. We were "drafted" because of our marital status, so it is ours for the keeping. Knowing that only you can change it, should give us the strength to over come any obstacles.

III.  Own It    (Brings Respect)  Let's be real. We can't make anyone respect us but what I do know is, you teach people how to treat you.  First, we have to respect ourselves by reverencing God and truly living this word we teach, uphold this position with respect and look to serve instead of being served. IJS    

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