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6 Critical Laws of Faith

11 Jan 2018 12:24 | Anonymous

Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God and for us as Christians, it is what keeps our life going.  Here are 6 critical laws of faith to know:

Law #1 Faith is  A Law Rom. 3:27

The Law is put in place to Protect, to Govern and to Ensure quality of life.  God uses faith to help us and to allow us to live a life that he desires for us to live.    (A healthy & prosperous one)

Law #2 Faith Comes by Hearing & Hearing the Word of God Rom.10:17

In order to walk in Faith you must know his word & his voice.

Law #3 Faith Must be Spoken II Cor.4:13

There are two types of Christians: 1). Those that Believe it & Speak it  and    2).  Those that Believe it but NEVER speak it.  Which one are you?  Life Lesson:  You can believe in your heart all day but until you confess won't possess it!!

Law #4 Faith works through Love Gal. 5:6

Why Love? 

  1. Love keeps our eyes/focus on God
  2. Love Keeps our heart pure
  3. Love draws people closer (to the Father)
  4. Love opens doors/hearts for God to move
Law#5 Faith must be directed towards God Mark 11:22

Remember:  God is the only one that will not fail!!

Law #6 Faith must be at the Level of God's ABILITY Rom.4:13,14

If it's within your ability, then it's not faith.  God major in the IMPOSSIBLE!! 

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