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Our desire is to offer services that will minister to the total woman.  We want to make sure that each Pastor's Wife is operating in ministry whole.  It is not God's will for us to minister to everyone else and not have resources to help ourselves.


In this assignment,  mentoring is very important.  Too often we find ourselves walking this journey alone, praying and believing God that we don't mess up somebody else's life.  Well, as they say "when you know better, you do better." We are providing mentoring for Pastors' Wives from (0-5 yrs).  The placing together process will happen at our brunches throughout the year.  If you are interested in having a mentor, see the process below.  If you are interested in being a Mentor please contact us.  (Must be a PW 7 yrs +)
  • Attend Brunch in A City near you
  • Participate in the Meet & Greet Exchange
  • Choose your Mentor   (It's just that simple!!)


PW Care

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Because we are Pastors' Wives, we know what's important to us!!  Many times we go through hardships like everyone else and not knowing who to call or even if you want to call, can be a challenge.  We have partnered with some awesome people that provide Christian Professional help.  These people are more than qualified to help and it's confidential.  If you have experienced one or more 
of the following or just need counseling please contact.  

  Dr. Linda McRae (336) 631-1948 or (336) 624-2347   

  • Death     (Spouse, family member)
  • Divorce
  • Mental Illness
  • Sickness  
  • Counseling

PW Prayer Line (coming soon)

Let's just face it, sometimes we need someone to pray for us.  If you are in need of prayer,  please call and someone will be available to pray with you.

Leading Family Legacy

Leaving a legacy and making sure our families are taken care of,  should be of top priority.  Too often we see leaders taking care of the church, the members and their families but somehow forgot to take care of their own.  When there is an emergency or even death, we should never have to take up an offering or leave our remaining families with burdens. The majority of churches do not provide anything for the pastor and his family.  It is our goal and desire to make sure God's Leaders are taken care of and well prepared in case of death, sickness or accident.  Please keep the following in mind:  The size of your ministry should never be a deciding factor & Your job insurance is only good as long as you can work there.  Some questions to ask yourself.  If you answer "NO" to any of these questions, please feel free to contact.

  CPI Financial Services
  Jassen Grant, Senior Manager  
  (336) 803-7420
 *Has been serving churches for more than 25 years

Does my church provide?
  1. Keyman Insurance
  2. Disability Insurance
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Retirement 
  5. Compensation Package 

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